Tour Details

Any cost arising due to natural calamities like, landslides, road blocks etc (to be borne by the clients directly on the spot

Detailed Tour :

Only Rs.8,500
Only Rs.10,620
Only Rs.5,250
Only Rs.6,000
Only Rs.11,750
Only Rs.6,200
Only Rs.3000
Hotel Grand Central Bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4,500
Hotel Empire puri, Puri
Only Rs.2400
Hotel Treebo Kings Court
Only Rs.5000
Hotel Lucky India Royal Heritage
Only Rs.3800
Hotel Shree Hari, Puri Beach
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Balaji International
Only Rs.6000
HOTEL Pramod Convention,
Only Rs.4500
Hotel, The Chariot ,Puri
Only Rs.5000
Hotel Zamindar Palace
Only Rs.4500
Hotel Golden Palace, Puri
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Naren palace
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Landmark
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Shree Hari Grand
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Sonar Bangla
Only Rs.3000
Hotel Shakti International
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Pride Ananya, Puri
Only Rs.11000
Hotel Mayfair Lagoon
Only Rs.2300
Hotel Miland palace, bhubaneswar
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Arya palace
Only Rs.3500
Hotel Presidency
Only Rs.3500
Hotel Sidharth
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Seetal, Bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4500
Hotel La Franklin
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Vits
Only Rs.3500
Hotel Mango,Bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4500
Hotel Excellency, bhubaneswar
Only Rs.12000
Hotel Trident,bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4200
Hotel Empire Bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4000
Hotel Pushpak, Bhubaneswar
Only Rs.4500
Lotus Beach Resort,Konark
Only Rs.7000
Swosti Chilika Lake Resort
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Jeevan Sandhya, Puri
Only Rs.4000
hotel Golden Tree
Only Rs.2000
Hotel Golden Dust
Only Rs.7500
Mayfair palm Beach Resort
Only Rs.4500
Swosti Palm beach resort
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Ocean Inn
Only Rs.2500
Hotel Song Of the Sea
Only Rs.2650
Treebo Beeu Guest House
Only Rs.2773
Treebo Jai Ambe Maa
Only Rs.3042
Treebo Saini Inn
Only Rs.2752
Treebo Newtown Classic
Only Rs.3888
Treebo Select Ritu
Only Rs.4258
Treebo Orion West Willows
Only Rs.4074
Treebo Globe International

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